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KIMŌ's meal service focuses on creating clean, balanced, Korean inspired healthy meals that benefit your busy lifestyle. We are passionate about sustainable cooking & lifestyle choices


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“Kim creates some of the most seemingly effortless, creative, thoughtful, and out of this world delectable meals I have ever had the privilege of eating."

-  Jill S. A Happy Customer


about us

Chef Kim has worked in the hospitality industry at various restaurants, learning different skills plus appreciating the family atmosphere the industry embodied. After graduating from culinary school with a degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management, she continued her exploration of the world.

She has traveled the world in pursuit of understanding the culture of people by means of their food. Kim’s passion is to discover what is true in all things - this is true of her life and of her food. That brings us to where she is today. As she enters a new chapter in her culinary journey, she is excited to share this venture into food, health, and community that is true to its original design. It is the heart of all that KIMŌ stands for wealth of exposure to an eclectic array of cuisines.



Our Clients Say

 "KIMŌ has been a lifesaver for us! Having a variety of healthy, delicious meals prepped and ready to go for dinner allows us to actually enjoy our family dinners. Kim is thoughtful, creative and an absolute pleasure to work with. We've tried similar services in the past and can confidently say that KIMŌ is in its own league."

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