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We aim to make this process and simple and stress-free as possible. Click the links below to read a little more about our process.

  • What does KIMŌ mean?
    When Chef Kim's nieces and nephews were very young they had a hard time saying her name. So, they mashed her name and Emo (auntie in Korean) and created the sobriquet KIMŌ. Auntie Kim.
  • Where do I start?
    If you haven’t already, click on this to fill out a quick survey to help us get to know you and understand what you are looking for. We start with a one week trial and then reevaluate your plan and adjust it to your needs!
  • Do you provide catering or service for special events?
    Absolutely! Contact info@kimoeats for pricing and more info
  • What are your community & sustainability practices?
    KIMŌ is passionate about practicing sustainable cooking & lifestyle choices. Products, produce and proteins are carefully selected from locally sourced reputable farms. We do our their best to support small immigrant, LGBTQ, BIPOC, women owned businesses. KIMŌ uses stainless steel and glass containers in addition to biodegradable vacuum sealed pouches by Vesta Precision.
  • Payments & Cancellations
    We ask for your first payment at the start of your trial week. There is a one time equipment & operations fee of $100 to support sustainable operations that will be included in your first invoice of service. Weekly invoices are sent after you receive your delivery. You may cancel at any time! We ask for at least 1 week notice for cancellation. If that window is missed you will be charged 35% of your weekly bill to cover food costs.
  • How are your prices determined for each meal?
    What you will be receiving is more than just a meal. You will have access to tons of nutrition facts from your meals as well as transparency on where your food comes from. All products used are organic, local and made from scratch.* With that and today's economic environment, the prices are based on food cost, labor and sustainable practices. *limited for baked goods.
  • Costs & Fees
    Weekly Flat Fee for delivery: Oakland $20 San Francisco $30 Meals per person: Reusable stainless steel or glass food containers are provided Lunch Dosirak: $30 5-6 oz protein* and 8 oz vegetables/ side Total of 14 oz of ready to eat cooked food Dinner Kits: $50 6-7 oz protein* and 10-16 oz of sides or vegetables Total of 16-24 oz of par-cooked food** Due to the current economic environment, prices are subject to change with 14 days notice ** Dinner kits are par-cooked (partially cooked) to prevent meals from over cooking by reheating. * total weight of meals may vary due to protein options and amount of grains, starch and greens will vary with each meal
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